Serving the dental community since 1999

Let Piedmont Micro Inc well trained and experienced staff guide you as you implement the benefits of digital technology.

We have helped many offices located in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, D.C. and Maryland transform ordinary work-spaces into more comforting and efficient environments for their patients and staff.

Our Trained and Knowledgeable technicians know and understand the importance of Hardware and Software being properly integrated to provide you with reliable and consistent results you expect from your investment in Digital Technology.

Whether you anticipate renewing or updating your current office,expanding operations, or implementing digital technology for the first time, Piedmont Micro Inc will be your technology partner Before, During and After Implementation.

Piedmont Micro Inc has been working almost exclusive within the Dental Community for twelve years and we can assure the highest level of service. Our team of systems professionals provides full-time telephone support, remote troubleshooting, regular maintenance & onsite assistance.

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