As Needed Rates (No Contract) on-site service

One Technician           Two Technicians          Telephone Tech Support

$ 115.00/hr.                    $ 172.50/hr.                      $ 57.00/hr.

Travel charges – one-way travel charge

$ 55/hr

All charges will be billed in 30-minute increments with a 30-minute minimum charge.
Charges will be payable by Credit Card or Company Check at the time of the service call.


Prepaid Service Rates


25 Hours – On Site Support ($ 2,375.00)

One Technician           Two Technicians           Telephone Tech Support

$ 95.00/hr                       $ 142.50/hr                          $ 47.50/hr

Travel charges $55 per hour (Round Trip) first hour free

50 Hours – On Site Support ($ 3,000.00)

One Technician           Two Technicians           Telephone Tech Support

$ 90.00/hr                      $ 135.00/hr                            $45.00/hr.

Travel charges $50 per hour (Round Trip) first two hours free


You may be wondering what benefits you will receive by prepaying for service hours with Piedmont Micro. A host of services that can extend the lifespan of your PCs will be much more readily available to those customers with contracts.


Services to Piedmont Micro Inc Contract Customers
  • Vacuuming dust and debris from PCs, network devices, monitors
  • Proactive Hardware Maintenance
    • Defragging – Keeps hard drives happy
    • Insuring that PCs run at proper temperatures – Making sure the processor does not burn out
  • Proactive Software Maintenance
    • Keeping rapidly changing software, such as support for dual head video cards and practice management software, up to date
    • Regular checking of event logs and backups – To detect possible issues before they become current issues


The benefits to a regular maintenance plan are many and far reaching. By allowing our customers to purchase a block of hours instead of a yearly contract, we enable you to decide how often and for what reasons you would call upon us. Customers with 8 or more PCs or even a few in their opts are encouraged to look into the 25 hour plan to keep their operatories PCs clean due to the amount of time needed to extract them from cabinets. If you are a small office with PCs only at your front desk then the 10-hour plan will fit your office perfectly.


Benefits to Piedmont Micro Inc Contract Customers
  • Scheduling
    • Schedule maintenance when YOUR office is comfortable – Avoid emergency visits during your high production days
    • Regular visits from your favorite IT techs!
  • Services you may not have been aware of
    • Setting up remote software when high speed access is available at both office and home – No more night drives to find out what patients are scheduled for the next day plus the software is FREE
    • Installation of more than just practice management software – Piedmont Micro has experience installing nearly every printer, camera, money tracking software, even software for Macintosh and Unix!
  • Reduced labor rates
  • Free Advice (well that is available to even non contract customers)


Please call 1-866-828-7246 to speak with us about which plan you are interested in. We will be happy to work with you to make a decision based on your current practice and where you want your practice to go.


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