About Us

IT Services

Piedmont Micro Inc offers a wide variety of professional IT services designed to make your business
more efficient, effective, and competitive. With over a decade of experience in serving the dental
community, you can feel confident you have a trusted, highly skilled partner that can
provide consulting, design, and support services to meet your technology needs.
Our IT services include:

Network and Computer Services
A reliable, secure network is essential for most businesses. As a premier provider of IT services and
solutions since 2002 , Piedmont Micro Inc can design a new business network or upgrade your existing
one, ensuring manageability, scalability, and remote connectivity, redundancy, and workflow

System Design and Installation
Selecting the right computer systems for your business given today’s ever-tightening budgets can be a
daunting task. Let Piedmont Micro Inc consultants take the pain out of network planning by helping you
identify the best technologies, equipment, configuration, internet connectivity, email integration and
customization, and security that will meet your end-to-end business requirements.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting
It’s a fact of life that computer systems require maintenance, efficiency upgrades, and troubleshooting
when unforeseen issues arise. Piedmont Micro Inc offers unparalleled IT service either remotely or
onsite at your office location. You can feel confident that you have a trusted, highly skilled
partner committed to your business optimization and success.

Disaster Recovery
Handling data loss can be a costly and potentially devastating business experience. Unexpected issues
can not only damage productivity, they can ruin your business credibility and reputation. Integrated
Axis can help you mitigate the risk of data loss by implementing a disaster recovery plan based
on proven and cost effective backup and data storage procedures. And, in the unfortunate event an IT
disaster should occur, our highly skilled technicians can help restore your critical system
configurations and recover valuable data to the extent possible. Don’t get caught without a disaster
recovery plan.

Why Piedmont Micro Inc
Piedmont Micro Inc brings a fresh approach to IT consulting by remaining completely
independent of all software and hardware vendors, allowing our consultants to provide unbiased
advice and recommendations. We have over a decade of experience in designing advanced
technology services and solutions for the dental community. Our staff is dedicated to helping you
quickly and efficiently resolve your IT issues either remotely or onsite at your office location.

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